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Copyright & Trademark

Date Last Modified: May 5, 2005

8. Terms and Conditions - Copyright & Trademark

Section 8.1. Copyright. The entire content of PlayStream's Service, including its Web site, is copyrighted, and all rights are reserved.

Section 8.2.  Trademark Reservation of Rights.  PlayStream, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as PlayStream), and/or its licensors, 1998 – 2004, is the exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest in the PlayStream Marks and PlayStream Logos. No person or entity may reproduce or use (or authorize the reproduction or use of) the PlayStream Marks or the PlayStream Logos in any manner other than expressly authorized by PlayStream.   Unauthorized use of PlayStream’s Marks or PlayStream’s logos is strictly prohibited.  “PlayStream,” “,” and “DigitalRightsMedia” are the trademarks of PlayStream, Inc. 

Section 8.3.  Trademark Usage Policy.  The proper use of PlayStream’s trademark and logos are described below:

Section 8.3.1. Use Correct Trademark Symbol.  When using PlayStream’s trademark in text form (“PlayStream Mark”) or art form (“PlayStream Logo”) use the correct ® or ™ trademark identification symbol.  The ® symbol is used for the PlayStream Marks registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and the ™ symbol is used if the PlayStream Mark is not yet registered.  The following PlayStream Marks should display the ® symbol: PlayStream®,®.  The following Marks should display the ™ symbol: DigitalRightsMedia™.

Section 8.3.2.  No Alteration of PlayStream Marks or PlayStream Logos.  When using a PlayStream Mark, never vary the spelling, insert a hyphen, separate into two words, or use a plural form of the PlayStream Mark.  When using a PlayStream Logo, never alter or modify the design, art, colors, proportions, or add or delete any words or hyphens.  Do not abbreviate the PlayStream Mark to create any acronym, such as PS instead of PlayStream®.

Section 8.3.3.  The PlayStream Logo.  The PlayStream logo must be a stand-alone graphic or icon to depict the origination of PlayStream, without other marks or logos associated with it. 

Section 8.3.4.  No Third Party Conjunction.  Only PlayStream’s products and services may be associated with the PlayStream Mark or PlayStream Logo.  No third party mark or logo may be used in conjunction with PlayStream’s Marks or Logos.  The PlayStream Marks or Logos may not be used as part of the product or service name for a third party product or service.

Section 8.3.5.  Using Footnotes for Accurate Attribution.  It is PlayStream’s policy to attribute PlayStream’s Marks and PlayStream’s Logos use by placing the information in a footnote that states:  “PlayStream (or other PlayStream Mark or Logo) is a trademark (or a registered trademark) of PlayStream, Inc.”

Section 8.3.6.  Third Party Licensors.  PlayStream’s services include technology used under license from third party licensors.  You may not use any such third party trademark without express permission from the owner of that trademark.

Section 8.3.7.  Modifications and Restrictions.  PlayStream may, at its sole discretion, modify the PlayStream Marks or PlayStream Logos at any time.  Please refer to the PlayStream Marks and Logo Chart periodically to ensure full compliance.  In order to assure compliance and quality control, PlayStream may request that you provide samples of any marketing, advertising, or other materials that will include the PlayStream Marks or PlayStream Logos.  No person or entity may use the PlayStream Marks or PlayStream Logos in association with any content or purpose that violates PlayStream’s Acceptable Use Policy in PlayStream’s Terms and Conditions of Use.  PlayStream may, in its sole discretion, restrict any person or entity from using or displaying the PlayStream Marks or PlayStream Logos. 

Section 8.4. Copyright and/or Trademark Infringement Notification Procedure.
For information on submitting notification of copyright, trademark, or patent infringement, or for any notification of abuse, please review our notification procedures and guidelines depicted in Section 10, Abuse & Infringement Notification.

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