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Streaming Lesson 101
I have audio and/or video...Now what? Our 3 Minute Streaming Lesson goes over the basics of streaming our media. Follow these 3 steps and you will have your media ready to be showcased on the Internet.

1. Prepare Your Media
2. Serve It To Your Web Site
3. Play It For Your Audience

1. Prepare Your Media

We make it easy for beginners. You can choose to let us do it for you, or do it yourself. If you send your media (video & audio tapes) to us, we'll convert it and put it into your PlayStream account for a nominal fee. (For a price quote, fill out the Encoding Request form to the best of your ability. Provide contact info in case we have questions.)

To do-it-yourself: First, transfer your media into your computer. Many digital audio and video devices today enable you to easily transfer your digital media directly into your computer via the FireWire or USB. If you have non-digital (analog) media to transfer, you will most likely need a capture card inside your computer.

There are several companies that make capture cards, including Winnov, Osprey and Pinnacle. They all make PCI capture cards and some come with capture software.

Next step: encode it. Once your media is in your computer in a digital file, you are ready to encode it. Encoding is a term used to describe the compression of your media file into a format that is ready for a streaming media server.

Download and install the free encoding software tool from RealNetworks, Microsoft and Apple (depending on which format you wish to stream). Basic free versions and more advanced versions of the encoders are available.

To download, click your preference:

2. Serve It To Your Web Site

After you have converted and compressed your media file using one of the above software tools, you are ready to stream it from your showcase pages, which are automatically generated online by PlayStream Theater, or your Web site. To do this you will need a streaming media account from a service provider, like PlayStream. Click here to try our service FREE for 15 days. You will receive easy-to-follow instructions to help you manage your own account, online. We show you what kind of link to add to your Web page. (Note: a "link" is a simple instruction that you type into your Web page.)

Our service uses special video servers designed with high bandwidth connectivity to the Internet that enable your media files to stream on your Web site. PlayStream simplifies the process by providing one account from which you can upload most formats including RealMedia, Windows Media, QuickTime, Macromedia Flash and MP3. Our process is invisible to the end user. As they watch your media play on your Web site, they will never know PlayStream is working behind the scenes.

3. Play It For Your Audience

After you have uploaded your media into your PlayStream account and added the link to your media that enables it to stream on your Web site, you are ready. Click play and enjoy the show!

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