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Reporting Features
Our reporting system offers three levels of reports, Basic Hits, Basic Query/Hits and Advanced. All streaming accounts have access to our reporting.  Any report can be run on a specific time frame.  From a month down a specific 24 hour period.
Unique Hits
This figure is based on IP address. Each unique IP address is a unique hit. Multiple requests from the same IP address will count as one unique hit. In certain scenarios such as firewalls or shared connections, multiple users will have the same IP address and therefore show as only one unique hit.
GMT Offset
Our servers log in GMT time. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) also known as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is a standard based on the time kept on the Greenwich meridian (longitude zero). The GMT Offset feature lets you adjust the time in the report for you time zone. By default the GMT Offset is set to GMT 0.
Custom Timeframes
Reports can be based on a calendar month, a 1 -4 week span or a 24hour period.
Report Types
  • Basic Hits reports have the URI, Hits and Data Transfer.
  • Basic Query/Hits reports have the URI, Query, Hits and Data Transfer.
  • Advanced reports have URI, Query, Unique Hits, Operating System, Transport Protocol, IP Address, Avg Buffer Time (in seconds), Avg Packet Loss, Avg View Time (in seconds), Hits and Data Transfer.
  • Raw Logs is a text file of the log line entries for the given time period.
Report Content
Reports can be run on Windows, Real, QuickTime, streaming, download or all type of content.
Sorting Capabilities
Your can sort any report by any of the possible columns, which can include: URI, Query, Unique Hits, Operating System, Transport Protocol, IP Address, Avg Buffer Time, Avg Packet Loss, Avg View Time, Hits and Data Transfer.
Clip Details
From an Advance report you can click on the name of any URI.  This will display the details for that clip, including query string analysis, operating system analysis, protocol analysis and ip analysis.
Traffic Charts

Its one thing to look at a table with endless amounts of data in it. Charts can take thousands of rows of data and display them in a visually appealing way. Advanced Reports get both a Traffic Analysis Chart, and an Hourly Breakdown Chart.

  • Traffic Analysis – Shows Hits and Data Transfer, broken down by day.
  • Hourly Breakdown – Shows Hits and Data Transfer, broken down by hour.
General Statistics
The top of the advance report gives general stats for the total hits, uniqure hits, total data transfer, total hits for each operating system and the top 5 ip addresses.
Unfortunately, we are tied to what data is provided by our various streaming and progressive download servers (Real, Windows Media, QuickTime, Macromedia Flash etc . . .). For referral information, we encourage customers to embed media in their web pages. This allows your web server to track referrals to a specific piece of media.
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