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Promoting Your Media
Now that you have media in your account, now what? We recommend two methods of promoting your media on the Internet, WebCams and search engines.
Promoting Your Media Content Using WebCams

With PlayStream, WebCam users can hook up their WebCams or other digital cameras, and play either live images (traditional method) over the Internet through our On-Demand Accounts, or if you have subscribed to one of PlayStream's Live Accounts, stream live video and audio over the Internet. To connect a WebCam to a PlayStream Account, we recommend the following:

  1. Purchase a WebCam:
    • Many retail Websites, like, offer excellent deals on WebCams and digital cameras. With PlayStream, almost any WebCam/Digital Camera will work with a PlayStream account. If you want to play audio with video, be sure to look for a WebCam that includes a microphone, or you can purchase microphones separately. Some popular companies that manufacture WebCams include Logitech, Sony, Cannon, Kodak, D-Link, Hawkins and many others.
  2. WebCam Software:
    • Once you have acquired a WebCam, you'll need special WebCam software to connect your WebCam to the Internet. Some WebCams come with software, though sometimes, that software restricts you to only using that manufacturer's WebCam site. Many WebCam software products are freely available on the Internet at places such as,,, etc. A popular favorite of our staff is CoffeeCup.
  3. Subscribe to PlayStream:
    • Live Packages - Tired of the traditional slide-show WebCam images? Wish you could have real live action video and audio? PlayStream's Live Accounts enables you to stream (play) live video and audio over the Internet.
    • On-Demand Packages - PlayStream's On-Demand accounts are great for playing back prerecorded video from a streaming account. They also include a HTTP account that enables you to connect a WebCam to deliver live images over the Internet (the traditional method of connecting WebCams).
Promoting Your Media Content Using Search Engines

Getting viewers to watch it is another challenge. Fortunately, the Internet provides many emerging alternatives for promoting your media. Many Search Engines now provide multimedia indexing as part of their services. Popular multimedia (Video, Audio & Image) Search Engines to consider are:

  • Altavista - Provides one of the largest multimedia search capabilities found on the Internet, with instructions on how to submit your video and audio for search engine indexing.

  • SingingFish - This is an emerging Multimedia Search Service that is powering some of the large multimedia Web sites, like Online instructions are easy to follow in submitting your video and audio for search engines.

  • Lycos - This popular search engine provides video and audio search indexing.

  • Google - This popular search engine provides Image indexing services for static images.

  • Fast Multimedia Search - This search engine provides multimedia indexing for video and audio.
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