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Supported Formats for Content Delivery Network
Supported Files
PlayStream enables each account to deliver content via streaming and/or progressive download. Content prepared for streaming should be uploaded into your account, outside of the "progressive" folder. Content prepared for progressive download should be uploaded into the "progressive" folder. PowerPoint presentations use streaming video/audio integrated with slide shows and are examples of content that would be delivered via streaming and progressive download.
Streaming Content File Types
Files that are supported by our system for streaming include RealMedia (.rm, .rp, .rt, .ra and .smil files), Windows Media (.asf, .wmv, and .wma files), QuickTime (hinted .mov files), Flash  (.flv files), and MP3. Any other file types will not stream and would need to be encoded into one of the above formats or downloaded from the "progressive" folder in your account.
Progressive Content File Types
Progressive download files should be uploaded into the "progressive" folder. Files that you may upload for progressive download include RealMedia (.rm, .rp, .rt, .ra, .swf and .smil files), Windows Media (.asf, .wmv, and .wma files), QuickTime (.mov files), MP3's , MPEG, Flash (.swf files), JPEG, GIF, PNG, and other digital media files designed for progressive download. As for MP4 format, once uploaded into the "progressive" folder, take the direct link to play your video.
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