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How SWF and FLV works: Streaming Flash video using your own Flash Player:

If you are using your own player (swf), you will need to either upload it inside the progressive folder, or to your own web server. If you wish to stream your flv through your player, you must use the “rtmp” link below:

  1. Login into your PlayStream account using your Customer Login and Password.
  2. Select "Manage your Content".
  3. Click on the "Manage Content" button next to the applicable service name.
  4. Navigate and click on the flash media (extension flv) for which you want to generate the custom embedded player.
  5. Click on the "Manage Content" button next to the service you wish to work with.
  6. Navigate to your Flash media you wish to stream.
  7. Click on the file name of the media
  8. On the Info page, take the rtmp link.

Progressive downloading your flv through your Player:

If you are using your own flash player for progressive download delivery of Flash video, you must upload your flv file to your PlayStream account, inside the Progressive folder. Then take the stream link found on the Info page, replace the word “easylink” with “progressive”. See example below:

Stream link:

Replace it as follows:

Stream link:

Uploading your Player to your own web server:

For support uploading and linking to flash SWF content on your own web server or web host, please contact your hosting provider’s support department. PlayStream will be happy to help link to media hosted on our CDN, however we cannot provide support for another hosting provider.

Tips when using flash components:

For Media playback component: use the rtmp link as it is
For Media display component: use the rtmp link and add at the end “.flv”

NOTE: Please keep in mind that we do not support Flash development, only deployment. For further questions on creating flash players or working with action script, please contact a qualified flash developer.

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