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Flash Pre-Built Players

Flash streaming involves a video file (.flv extension) and a Shockwave Player (.swf extension). The Shockwave player is usually embedded in a page and delivered over HTTP, while the Flash or file (e.g. Video or audio) is streamed to the player using Macromedia's RTMP protocol. Our customers are welcome to use one of our pre-built players, or to create their own using the Shockwave/Flash Custom object/embed tag.

If you are using our pre-built players, all you need to do is upload your flv file to your PlayStream account. To test our players (see skins available below), you will need to generate an object/embed tag for Flash Streaming as follows:

  1. Login into your PlayStream account using your Customer Login and Password.
  2. Select "Manage your Content".
  3. Click on the "Manage Content" button next to the applicable service name.
  4. Navigate and click on the flash media (extension flv) for which you want to generate the custom embedded player.
  5. Click on the link labeled: "Generate Object/Embed Tag."
  6. Select your width and height. The most common are 160 X 120, 240 X 180 and 320 X 240.
  7. Select your skin by clicking on the drop down.
  8. Auto start option: if checked box, it will start playing your video automatically. If unchecked, your end-user will need to click on “play” button to start playing your video.
  9. Click the "Generate" button.
  10. The code should be generated for you.
  11. Select “preview” at the bottom of the page to preview your file. If you like what you see, click close window button and then copy and paste the code that appears in the text box into your HTML page.

NOTE: Our pre-built Flash Players will only stream, and not progressively download. If you wish to progressively download your Flash media, you will need to create your own Flash Player. For information on how swf and flv works, please click here.

Available Skins




Blue Eyes:




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