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Microsoft's Windows Media DRM 9 Series technology enables you to control access for all of your media content. PlayStream's Digital Rights Management (DRM) system allows its members to encrypt any of their Windows Media content. Once the files have been encrypted, consumers of the media file will need to acquire a license key before being allowed to play and view the media content. The license key is unique to each consumer and the computer that acquires the license so that the media content can not be distributed. All the rules and restrictions are contained in the license key. This will enable you to set up different levels of access, allowing you to secure distribution, promotion and sale of your content. All the rights for the license are set in the subscription which you define. You can then associate content and permissions with the subscription.

During encryption, your media will be assigned a content ID. You can associate up to 50 content ID’s with a single subscription. You may also use a DRM encoder profile to encode multiple pieces of content with the same content ID. In that scenario, you could encode 100 files using the same content ID and only have to associate that content ID once with a subscription to generate a license that works for all 100 files. You can also use the DRM encoder profile to generate encrypted live streams.

Access can be granted through IP address, user name & password combination or both. The End User can acquire the license in four different ways, depending on the delivery method you choose.


The following delivery methods are available:

For more information about how to use the PlayStream DRM services, login into your PlayStream account and click on "Secure Your Media" icon in the blue box field.
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