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Jann Karam (Standup Comedian)
With PlayStream, Jann Karam is able to Webcast her shows and she hopes the new Digital Rights Media technologies that PlayStream is offering will make her millions.

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Liberty Interactive
How does Liberty Interactive use PlayStream? View their entertainment samples below.

Sound Stage

Deluxe Combo Platter
Woodland Park Zoo
How does the Seattle Zoo use PlayStream? In the past, they used a Web cam that offered static images of the bears updated every minute. With PlayStream, they are able to offer their visitors a chance to see the bears live in action.

Windows Media
Watch the bears
Fisher Pathways
Fisher Pathways is the largest video switching hub in the Pacific Northwest with a fully redundant, owned and operated teleport providing unmatched global connectivity.

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Watch the plaza
Ad Council
Ad Council produces, distributes and promotes thousands of public service campaigns on behalf of non-profit organizations and government agencies. PlayStream's linking technology enables PlayStream Small Business Services customers to implement Ad Council Public Service Announcements into their streaming content.

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MathTV produces instructional math videos for high school and college level students. Their videos are an excellent learning resource designed to help students improve their skills in basic math, algebra, or trigonometry. With PlayStream, MathTV is able to offer all of their video content online, allowing math students instant access to math help.

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Powerwebvideo, Inc. is a company offering affordable solutions for web designing for the world -wide-web and the mobile web, as well as video production and encoding for streaming on the internet. We can encode for Windows Media, Real Media, Quicktime and Flash.

Video Clip

Video Clip
Yes I Will!
A non-partisan, non-profit organization that uses humor to raise awareness of declining voter participation.

Real Media
Watch Video Clip
La Belle Elaine's
Bridal shop in Seattle uses streaming media services to showcase its products on their Web site.

Windows Media
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Jann Karam Liberty Interactive MathTV Yes I Will! Ad Council
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