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Data Transfer Rate Plan Samples

How does the Data Transfer Rate Plan work with all Enterprise and Live services?

PlayStream's Small Business Services Data Transfer Rate Plan offer volume discounts and charge data transfer on a usage basis. Data Transfer is the amount of data being transferred from our system to your end-users. PlayStream's Small Business Services Data Transfer Rate Plan are popular because customers only pay for data transfer that is used, not for monthly allotments that usually contain unused data transfer.

By default, data transfer for all Enterprise and Live Per Megabyte services start with our Plan 1. However, upgrading or downgrading is quite easy. When you place your order for a Live or Enterprise service, you will be prompted to select a Data Transfer Rate Plan to accompany your order. The table below provides a price chart of the data transfer available and their corresponding volume discount.

In order to sign up for our Enterprise and Live services, you must fill out PlayStream's Small Business Services Data Transfer Rate Plan Agreement.

Plan Rate (per megabyte) Monthly Minimum Commitment
Plan 1 $0.010 None
Plan 2 $0.009 $80
Plan 3 $0.008 $200
Plan 4 $0.007 $300
Plan 5 $0.006 $500
Plan 6 $0.005 $1,200
Plan 7 $0.004 $1,800
Plan 8 $0.003 $3,000

All rates are in U.S. dollars. Customers may upgrade their package at any time. Upgrades will be applied retroactively starting at the first of the current month. With regard to downgrading Rate Plans, Customers may downgrade their Rate Plan or close the service at the end of the month. Service shall be billed on month-to-month term, unless Customer notifies PlayStream otherwise. For calculation purposes, PlayStream assumes 1,024 Megabytes are in one Gigabyte.

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