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On Demand Samples
Select Series Example (Assuming a single bit rate file)

If you encode (convert) a 20 minute video file for dial-up modem users, the resulting streaming file will have a size of about 10 MB. If this is your only streaming file, you will need a Select 50 on-demand streaming account. The Select 50 account offers up to 50 MB of storage space and your file only requires 10 MB of storage space.

Each time an end-user watches your 10 MB video clip all the way through, 10 MB of data transfer occurs across our network. If 10 end users watch your 10 MB streaming clip all the way through, 100 MB of data transfer occurs across our network.

All the same rules for storage space and data transfer for video streaming apply to audio streaming. Storage space quotas cannot be exceeded. In order to upload more than your storage space quota you will have to upgrade to a larger account. There are no charges to your monthly data transfer quota for uploading files. Data transfer is only billed during streaming or download.

Enterprise Series Example (Assuming a single bit rate file)

If you upload 500 MB of streaming files to an Enterprise 1 account and stream nothing, you will be charged the flat rate for that particular Enterprise account for storage space storage (in this case, up to 1 GB) with no additional data transfer fees. If your end-users were to stream a 100 MB video file completely 25 times, this would equate to 2500 MB (or 2.44 GB) of data transferred across our network. 2500 MB X $.01/MB = $25.00 total cost for 25 viewers for a 100 MB file.

If this is the only data transfer for the month, you will have a total cost for the month of $67.00 (Enterprise 1 Account) + $25.00 (data transfer) = $92.00.

Data Transfer Price Per Viewers Chart
The following chart breaks down the Plan 1 Data Transfer Price Per Viewer for Enterprise Web Media On Demand and Live Web Casting services.
Data Transfer Cost Per Viewer Breakdown Examples
Bandwidth MB of Data Transferred Cost Per User at Plan 1
10 kbps 4.4/hr $0.0440/hr
20 kbps 8.79/hr $0.0879/hr
34 kbps 14.94/hr $0.1494/hr
80 kbps 35.16/hr $0.3516/hr
150 kbps 65.92/hr $0.6592/hr
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