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On demand streaming
On demand streaming

Using PlayStream to deliver your live webcast with audio and video provides the edge you need to stand out above the competition.


Live webcasting services from PlayStream enable you to capture and stream your live events over the Internet. Use the Windows® live streaming service to deliver corporate meetings, employee and customer training, presentations, concerts and more.


Not only is live webcasting one of the most dynamic and compelling communication tools, broadcasting live with PlayStream is simple and requires hardware and software that are easily available and affordable.


Live webcasts can bring your company the following critical benefits when seeking new prospects or communicating with your customer base:

  • Engaging – live webcasts are a great way to reach your audience in an engaging way
  • Flexibility – can be live events or archived* for a long life on your web site
  • Efficiency – cut down on travel for corporate training to displaced employees

Live webcast examples:


Media and Entertainment
- Music Concerts
- Church Services
- Sporting Events
- Press Conferences
- Red Carpet Premieres
- TV/Radio Shows


- Conferences
- Presentations
- Annual Reports
- Product Launches
- Commercial Events
- Advertising


Private and non-profit
- Sermons and Oratory
- Weddings
- Church Events
- Family Occasions
- Reunions


- Training and Coaching
- Online Instruction
- Web Based Distance Learning


* For those who are unavailable to view an event live, they can view the recorded archive of the live webcast on-demand, at their convenience. On-demand webcasting is a "re-broadcast" playable at any time from any computer. So, even if your audience missed the event in real time, they can still see and hear the event when the time is right for them.

  Learn about Live Webcasting and get prices
  Learn about Live Webcasting and get prices