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Storage Area Network

At the heart of PlayStream's Content Delivery Centers is a redundant, scalable, multi-terabyte Storage Area Network (SAN) incorporating Fibre Channel Channel technology that maximizes data transfer speeds while preserving integrity with RAID 5 security. We deploy an automated tape backup system that provides additional security for your data. We then contract with Iron Mountain for off-site data protection services to insure additional data security.

Combining our high-performance Storage Area Network with our load-balanced content delivery architecture, distributed network and intelligent routing, PlayStream enables you to deliver your media over the Internet with a quality and value unmatched by competing service providers.

The diagram below shows the architecture of our content delivery network at the data centers in Seattle and Atlanta.

As shown on our carrier maps, PlayStream maintains connections to most major Tier 1 backbone carriers. Unlike many web hosts and streaming media providers, these backbone connections are not configured in a typical "failover" or "overload" type of configuration where certain lower cost carriers are preferred until capacity is exceeded. Through a partnership with InterNAP, PlayStream's network will determine which backbone has the best connectivity to your client and route traffic down the most optimal path. We strive to make every bit count so your customers have the best possible experience when viewing media routed over PlayStream's Small Business Services network.
Global & Local Load Balancers
In addition to the superior backbone connections shown above PlayStream uses a global load balancing system to take high quality to the next level by directing end users to the datacenter closest to them. At each datacenter a local load balancer constantly monitors the health of each stream, assigning new requests to the best performing server and routing around any server or local network failure that could occur.
Content Delivery Servers
Among the servers the local load balancing system may choose from are several high powered servers clustered in groups, each group dedicated to serving one particular format. This gives PlayStream the redundancy to withstand hardware and software failure, the scalability to add servers as capacity needs expand and the security to remove servers routinely from service for patching ensuring our servers remain secure and performing optimally.
Fibre-Channel Storage Area Network and Backup Systems
At the heart of each PlayStream Datacenter is a proprietary Storage Area Network. Built on Fibre-Channel technology this highly expandable system allows PlayStream to purchase storage only when needed, keeping costs down and providing value to our customers while allowing PlayStream to grow capacity without downtime. The Fibre Channel system can route around local drive failures and integrates a high speed backup solution. This backup data is stored off site in a high security vault provided by Iron Mountain.
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