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Sample of PlayStream's Small Business Services Report
To see what kind of metrics and charts you will receive with your account, view a sample of PlayStream's Small Business Services online media report. Some of the links in this sample have been disabled.

Summary and Benefits

PlayStream offers a robust proprietary media reporting solution currently in its sixth generation. Effectively presenting a wealth of information, PlayStream's Small Business Services media reports provide you with the edge you need as a decision maker to measure the effectiveness of your media campaigns. Media reports include the ability to aggregate your data by clip, query string, protocol or IP address; sort your data by any column; and view your data trend lines in graphical charts.

It’s important to consider the quality of reporting services when deciding on a streaming media service provider. The quality of the metrics often influence management decisions with regard to media campaign effectiveness and return on investment. At PlayStream, we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our proprietary reporting services. Packed with useful features, our proprietary media reporting services distinguish PlayStream from the competition.

Some of the statistics gathered include total hits, unique hits, data transfer, operating systems utilized, top IP addresses, average buffer time, average packet loss, average viewing time, query string view, protocols used, hits per hour of day, data transfer volume per hour of day and many others. PlayStream's Small Business Services reporting service retrieves statistics from the Windows Media Servers, Real Networks Helix Servers, Apple QuickTime Servers, Progressive Download Servers and Flash Video Streaming Servers throughout our Content Delivery Network, storing them in a large data warehouse for analysis. Statistics are gathered straight from the Log file output of the servers, and the Log files are retained so our customers need not worry about lost data.
PlayStream's Small Business Services media reporting service, while tightly integrated with every service offering, operates independently of our content delivery network. This allows us to gather and store statistics (in some cases in real-time) and to display the data through a robust, easy to use ad hoc query system. Rather then wait hours for a report to appear in your email inbox, reports are generated in real-time, upon receiving a request. To accomplish this real-time capability PlayStream has a small fleet of analysis servers standing by to respond to the report requests of our customers. They load data from the data warehouse, crunch the numbers and display the output in a variety of different formats, all customizable through the PlayStream reporting interface. The reporting services even include a real-time dashboard for customers conducting live Web casts in the Windows Media format. We also allow customers to download raw log files, allowing our customers to make use of their own analysis tools that range from simply importing Log files into Microsoft Excel to integrating with more robust business systems.
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