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Linking Technology

PlayStream created a new linking technology (patent pending) to simplify the complicated process in linking streaming media files to Web pages and email. As the Streaming Media Industry developed, each streaming format developed their own proprietary linking methods. These methods require the creation and management of separate reference files that reside on Web servers. This process also requires Internet Service Providers to properly configure the MIME types on Web servers.

Given the difficulty our customers experienced in linking their media, PlayStream created this technology that simplifies the linking process. PlayStream’s easy linking technology provides customers with a standard, simple hyperlink for linking their streaming media files and downloadable files to Web pages and email, while preserving the full features and integrity of each media format.

PlayStream's Easy Link Technology

While Microsoft and RealNetworks provide alternative proprietary direct linking methods for linking their media formats, these methods do not preserve the full integrity and features of their standard “reference file” method. PlayStream’s easy linking service preserves each format’s full capabilities, like streaming via UDP, the preferred protocol for streaming and play-list management capability. For Apple’s QuickTime users, they do not have the option of a direct linking method until now, with PlayStream’s easy link service. Prior to this technology, QuickTime developers had to create separate “reference movies,” that “point” to QuickTime media “hinted” for streaming, and they also needed to understand and implement <embed> tags into their HTML that linked to the QuickTime “reference movie” file and then hope that their ISP had properly configured the MIME types on their Web server. Now, anyone with a PlayStream Account can email a streaming QuickTime clip over the Internet by typing a simple hyperlink.

PlayStream’s easy linking service not only preserves each format’s full capabilities, but it extends these capabilities with new features, all integrated into a unified, simple link. Its modular architecture allows for PlayStream to roll out future technologies that will empower our customers with new options and services. For example, our “Ad-insertion” module enables customers to establish and manage “pre-clip” and “post-clip” streaming ad-insertion, regardless where the streaming advertisement resides; in your PlayStream account or at your ad agency. This means that PlayStream customers can easily integrate streaming commercials from outside ad agencies with a level of simplicity unmatched in the Industry—with simple point-and-click ease.

PlayStream customers have the option to link their media through each format’s proprietary linking method or through PlayStream’s easy linking service, or any combination of both. Customers who desire to forego the creation and management of separate reference files, without sacrificing features or capabilities of that format, will appreciate PlayStream’s easy linking service. This technology also enables RealNetworks’ RealMedia, Microsoft’s WindowsMedia and Apple Computer’s QuickTime media to stream without any MIME type configuration required on your Web server by your ISP, an issue that our Technical Support department encounters quite frequently with our customers. The technology also works with embedding streaming media into Web pages or email (in HTML).

PlayStream’s easy linking service is a combination of technology and service. The technology is a stand-alone application that operates as a separate server. PlayStream operates multiple linking servers, and then load-balances these servers to provide for 99.9% maximum “uptime.” By linking to our cluster of PlayStream linking servers, customers are able to forgo the “client” side process of managing streaming media reference files, and pass that task over to the “server” side, where our service automatically handles the linking translation and conversion. PlayStream’s linking service then redirects the streaming media link, which is now in the appropriate format’s proprietary method, to PlayStream’s Small Business Services streaming servers, which are also load-balanced for maximum “up-time.” PlayStream has filed a patent application for its easy linking technology.

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